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Pleasant Hill Preschool Plans to Return for the
2021-2022 School Year

PLEASE NOTE: Any plans are subject to change as new or updated information
is available from public health officials. Also, while the preschool will provide the
safest environment possible, parents who decide to enroll their children will need
to sign a waiver to not hold the preschool responsible for instances of Covid-19
within the preschool.

“When we open our doors, we will do it with care!”

We cannot wait until we can open our doors and our hearts to all of you again! We are committed with plans to open the preschool for students this summer 2021. While we are eager to return, we are just as determined to make wise decisions based on information from the science and medical fields. We have a task force in place and we are working together to provide safe and healthy guidelines to follow while keeping our high quality of teaching in a loving environment.

Yes, we have plans to prioritize health and safety, however, we all need to take personal responsibility to follow these guidelines for the well-being of our preschool and our community.

We plan to open with strict guidelines which will include but NOT limited to the following:

  • Temperature checks daily for teachers and students
  • No parents allowed in the building
  • Ongoing cleaning of space and materials
  • Handwashing more frequently… before and after each activity.
  • Face masks worn by all parents/teachers during morning and afternoon carpool.
  • Limit class sizes (with 2 teachers).

In addition, we are counting on everyone to follow these IMPORTANT health and safety guidelines

  1. Promote daily hygiene – more sanitizing, handwashing
  2. Monitoring Illness
    1. Daily temperature checks. If more than 100.4, will be sent home
    2. Adhere to CDC guidelines if child, staff, or family member tests positive for the virus
    3. Isolate sick individuals
    4. Any individual exposed to the virus must remain home; parents / guardians will promptly notify the Preschool and share medical advice of family physician
  3. Evaluating Restrictions and making changes when necessary (i.e, face masks).
  4. Promoting Well-Being
    1. Continuing with our love and praise while social distancing.
    2. Being there for parents as well as students.
  5. Monitoring Facilities and Supplies
    1. Having each child have their own supply box instead of sharing with class.
    2. Create a “clip” system for children to rotate to centers keeping contact with others to a minimum.
  6. Professional Development
    1. Making sure teachers are compliant with new guidelines
    2. Giving them the necessary resources they need to succeed in the classroom

Thank you for your willingness to partner with us on this journey.  Our prayer is for our children to succeed. We are a family at PHP and I am here to answer any concerns you may have.

Gina Maguire