Potential Teachers

As we look to expand our class offerings for the 2024-2025 school year, we will be looking for new teachers! We are specifically expanding our 2s class and may have other openings as well. Interested candidates can send their resume and any preferences for classes to preschool@pleasanthillpc.org.

Substitute Information

Thank you for your help in assisting as a substitute. If a lead teacher is absent, the assistant teacher will assume the lead teacher responsibilities. You will always assume the responsibilities of the assistant teacher. Your day will be from 9:00 am – 1:30 pm, and pay will be $45 per day. You will have to fill out and complete a background check before being cleared to work in the preschool. This background check will be emailed to you. You will also complete a training on our child protection policy.

General Information:

  • Ask the teacher about any health concerns or allergy information. This information is also posted in the classroom.
  • Cleaning products, scissors, purses, or anything that might harm a child must be kept out of their reach at all times.
  • Read through the classroom COVID-19 policies posted in the room and help implement them.

Summary of Duties:

  • Arrive at 9:00 am to help the teacher in the classroom get ready for activities.
  • Help in drop-off and pick-up by sitting with the children as they gather in the Narthex.
  • When you get to the classroom, make sure all folders and lunches are out of school bags and put folders in the rack and lunches in cubbies.
  • Check folders for any messages that are being sent in from parents. Make sure the lead teacher gets this information.
  • In the classroom, help the teacher with the lesson of the day however she needs your help. You may be helping with the art project, a specific skill, etc.
  • If in the 2s room assist children with going to the bathroom if needed and help change diapers/pull-ups. Gloves must be worn while helping children with bathroom needs.
  • At lunch time, get the tables cleared and cleaned. The children will take turns washing hands. Depending on which class they are in, they will either get their own lunches with your assistance or you will bring them into the classroom.
  • Help children open items in their lunchboxes.
  • Clean up after lunch and help children put their lunchboxes back in their bags.
  • Bring your own lunch to eat with the kids when they eat.
  • Put notes, artwork, or anything else that needs to go home in folders and put the folders in the children’s school bags.
  • At afternoon pick-up, help by either sitting with the children or helping them get into their cars. The lead teacher will decide how you can help.
  • Clean the room and get it ready for the following school day.

Apply Here for Substitute Teacher