Thank you for your interest in Pleasant Hill Preschool. The staff and I are here because of our love of children and our commitment to giving them a solid foundation that will instill a love of learning. We are a small preschool which makes us feel like family. Your child will be welcomed each morning with a smile. They will return home to you with many stories of friends they have made, fun activities they were engaged in, songs that they learned and a desire to come back the next day. I often hear from parents how their child wakes up on Saturday morning disappointed that it isn’t a school day. They want to be here. They feel the love they need to bloom and grow. I look forward to the privilege of getting to know your child and welcome you all personally to the Pleasant Hill Preschool family.

Beth Goodenberger
Interim Director


Beth Goodenberger

Interim Director

“I am so excited to see the kids grow as both people and learners!”

Gwen Lawrence

Teaching at PHP for 15 years

4s Lead Teacher

“I love challenging preschoolers to try new things, be creative and learn problem solving skills.”

Shahana Rahman

Teaching at PHP for 5 years

4s Assistant Teacher

“I strive to provide a loving environment that will encourage growth and exploration.”

Mona Amin

Teaching at PHP for 15 years

3s Lead Teacher

“Preschool is the perfect age to impact a child’s life in a positive  way by helping them believe in themselves and guiding them to pursue their dreams.”

Renu Kashyap

3s Assistant Teacher

“I think children at this age are full of wonder and excitement, and it’s so much fun watching them learn and grow and be part of it.”

Chimere Liddell-Brooks

3s Lead Teacher

“I find complete joy watching the children discover new things and grow each day.”

Kristy Simms

3s Assistant Teacher

“PHP is such a special place, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful year!”

Michelle Gillespie

2s Lead Teacher

“I absolutely adore how sweet and curious toddlers and preschoolers are, and I cannot wait to share new and interesting things with my students to help them grow in their independence and skills.” 

Laura Bogdan

2s Assistant Teacher

“I am excited to be around children again. I love to help them learn and grow!!”


Children develop crucial social skills under gentle guidance of teachers.

Darcy K., Parent

Truly exceeded my expectations.

Kristy S., Parent

Professional, highly qualified staff who provide a warm, nurturing environment.

Christy E., Parent

I love the diversity of this preschool.

Dana R., Parent

It was such a comfort knowing my boys were in such a loving environment.

Alyson L., Parent

I love the small classes and know that her teachers really care about every child!

Miranda E., Parent

Each child is cared for and developed as an individual in their small classroom setting.

Kristen C., Parent

I love the way they use hands on learning.

Vanessa C., Parent

The curriculum is well-developed and includes both child- and teacher-directed projects. The small classes foster both academic and social development.

Soumya D., Parent

My Daughter has become more social…and learned so much.

Emily G., Parent
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